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Office in Miami, USA

1395 Brickel Ave Suite 800 | Miami | FL | 33131-3302 | USA
Tel: +1 888 564-9002

Office in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kingsfordweg 151 | Amsterdam | NL | 1043 GR | Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 20 491-7131

Office in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Av. Carlos Gomes, 1550 cjs 501 & 502 | Porto Alegre | RS | 90480-002 | Brazil
Tel: + 55 51 3022-6060

Office in São Paulo, Brazil

Rua Vergueiro, 1421 cjs 1706 & 1707 | São Paulo | SP | 04101-000 | Brazil
Tel: + 55 11 2308-7200
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We are a multidisciplinary team and our highly qualified native translators have in-depth technical knowledge in many areas and provide services in a range of languages.


We have operated in the international market since 1999, offering language support to major global customers. Our processes are backed by the ISO 9001:2008 certification and the LISA linguistic quality assurance system.


We rely on our own methodology, technology and state-of-the-art software. We have all the necessary tools to meet our customers’ needs with the speed and efficiency required in the world of business.



The world of business has become increasingly global. Today, the demand for linguistic support is becoming increasingly urgent. After all, the way a company’s brand is communicated tells the world who it is.

Working with major global brands, Terralíngua has translated millions and millions of words into multiple languages. When it comes to the business world, there are few words that say everything in any place, culture or language.

For this reason, we focused our business on three key points:


Tradução e localização

Tradução é a busca da medida perfeita entre a fidelidade às informações e a adequação linguística. Por isso, em nossos projetos estão envolvidos somente tradutores falantes nativos, com formação correspondente à área de atuação de cada trabalho.

Localização envolve compreender com profundidade um conteúdo e torná-lo apropriado, do ponto de vista linguístico e cultural. Através da localização, temos um controle de qualidade extremamente rígido que atende com precisão as mais diversas expectativas de clientes dos quatro cantos do mundo.

Nossos serviços abrangem traduções simples, traduções técnicas e traduções juramentadas. As traduções seguem os padrões da certificação ISO 9001:2008 e o controle de qualidade linguística é feito através do método LISA.

Editoração eletrônica

Nossa equipe da Unidade de Editoração Eletrônica possui sólidos conhecimentos e experiência na edição e criação de materiais. Trabalhamos com todos os idiomas ocidentais, asiáticos e do Oriente Médio, utilizando os mais avançados softwares gráficos e de editoração do mercado.



In a few words, what advantages can Terralíngua offer your company?

We understand the importance of the linguistic appropriateness of materials for local cultures, so that their contents can be clearly understood by the target audience.

We pledge to protect the customer´s institutional image by taking into account the particular goals of each project along with the particularities of each culture.

We have a team of native translators with technical and scientific expertise in a range of areas.

We rely on a confidentiality policy, data protection procedures and a disaster recovery plan to ensure the safety of all projects and electronic files.

We deliver complete translation and desktop publishing projects produced by a single team, which allows customers to centralize all their needs from a single source.

We have an online project management portal, which allows customers to track their projects from anywhere and at any time

We are the first translation company in Brazil certified by ISO 9001:2008 standards and we make use of the LISA linguistic quality assurance system.


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